Looking for old photos

Please send us your Tea Bowl or Char Bowl photos or vids –

Looking for photots of the original riders David Hyde, Doug de Montmorency, Mark Hollander, Tom Sims, Chucky Barfoot etc…


7 thoughts on “Looking for old photos

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  1. I have quite a few photos. I’ll put together a folder, zip it up and send it to you. By the way, the video of Stacey and Tom does not show ANY actual Tea Bowl skating footage at all. The bowl shown that is skated is located in San Diego.
    Marc Hollander
    Sims Pure Juice original Team Rider

    1. did this Zip ever get completed? I know Dave Hyde well… and would love to share these with him…

  2. Skating at the bowl are the best memories of growing up in SB that I have – the freedom of skating at the bowl was unreal and unparalleled. In the ‘tbowlmurph’ picture I (Ty Dixon) am the second one sitting on the right with the dark brown hair and first one in front is Saen Higgins. I remember the day – my cheap tan corduroy pants and the socks I always used to wear with my “jesus sandals” cuz me feet alway got cold walking to the bowl. Those were the best days of growing up EVER! Saen Higgins and I had the first Kryptonic wheels in SB, orange in color, and very soft. One weekend at the bowl Tom saw them and asked to use my board. He almost flew out the top of the bowl they were so smooth. That was when Tom went back to the drawing board to make the Bowl Riders and opened up his shop up the street from SBHS where we could actually buy boards instead of making them at school : ) Saen and I took 100s & 100s of pictures, but all have been lost to time : ( It is a shame the way the bowl has been defaced with all of the graffiti and thuggery – I was lucky enough to be a part of the bowl experience when there was a skater code of respect and people took care of it. Now it looks like gangland. Still – the feeling of “dropping in” when it was your turn will never be equalled – it was the ultimate freedom and escape from life. Tyler Dixon ~

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